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Even the best carpet can cause your trouble, many times you will simply be moving a dresser or a large idem and rip your carpet. You may have spilled something in your living room, but whatever the case may be your carpet must be repaired. We handle your repair needs timely and for an affordable price. Matching a color isn't always the way to go, colors can fade over time. Many times our customers have been able to provide reserve carpet and other times we find a suitable match. If a satisfactory match cannot be found we are able to replace a room for an affordable price.

How does carpet repair work?

Assuming we are replacing a carpet patch of 5''X7''. You spilled a 5 gallon bucket of paint in the hallway. You just got the carpet replaced a year ago and have a spare strip. We would then cut a piece of your carpet from the hallway and seam the carpet on both ends. Done properly you will not notice any seam. You may need to clean your carpet to remove any color change that can occur.

What can be done if I don't have replacement carpet?

The longer you have had your carpet the more likely that your carpet has faded. If it has good color to it many times we can find a good match. Many times the more likely scenario is replacing a larger area of your home. This is all based on our customer needs, we can work with most budgets and provide quality repairs.


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